Monday, February 29, 2016

Obviously, this is unpossible: (formerly Great)Britain has laws against all this!

The kind of laws Clinton and Sanders and Obama say would make us safe!
Grenades have become the latest “must have” weapons being sold by underworld arms dealers at knockdown prices.

And a special Mirror investigation has found that the terrifying trade is booming.

Following the killing of two unarmed policewomen in a gun and grenade attack on Tuesday, we uncovered the shocking array of firepower available on the streets today.

The death-dealing “shopping list” includes guns for hire for as little as £100 and bullets priced at anything from £5 to £15.
However could this happen with all those laws? 
The source added that weapons and grenades were often smuggled in from abroad, along with drugs.

He added: “A grenade is not the type of thing you stash under a bed or have just lying about. You get one when you need one for a specific purpose.” He revealed that underworld armourers even sell gangs “assassin kits” – including a gun, silencer and bullets for £300.
Damn.  It's like those criminals don't care about or obey those laws...

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